6 Signs You Need a Replacement Hot Water System
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6 Signs You Need a Replacement Hot Water System

If you’ve ever woken up one morning to find your hot tap running cold, it may seem as though this has happened out of the blue.

However, an alert homeowner can see the warning signs of needing a new hot water service weeks or even months in advance.

Here are some of our top signs that you may need a hot water system replacement.

1. Aged Units

All hot water systems eventually need replacement. Modern units are known for being reliable and long-lived, and on average, you can expect 8 – 12 years of use. Regular maintenance (every three years) can improve the lifespan and efficiency of your system.

Most systems will have a sticker stating the date of installation or last professional inspection outside the tank. If you are unable to confirm this date or suspect your system is more than five years old, it’s worth booking a professional inspection.

2. Increased Utility Charges

A hot water system that is damaged or aged may not work efficiently and consume more energy to provide the same amount of water. Be aware of increased utility usage.

An increase in your water bill may be a sign that your system has a leak. You can inspect your tank for leaking, looking at seams and underneath for pooling water. You can utilise a torch if required; however, please do not insert any other object or limb into the tank.

3. Intermittent Cold Water

Hot taps no longer running hot is a common sign that a new hot water system is required. A modern system should be able to provide a continual supply of hot water, refilling and heating the tank as it is drained. This could be a sign that repair is needed or that it is time for an upgrade when demand on the system is too high.

Hot water running out during everyday use or no longer reaching the desired temperature are both critical clues to book an inspection.

4. Low Water Pressure

Mineral buildup within the tank can create blockages and lower water pressure. If your water pressure has changed suddenly, it’s time to call a professional.

5. Noisy Water Tank

Hot water tanks are generally quiet and should be barely noticeable during normal operation. If you hear your tank making a loud buzzing, pops or rumbling, book an inspection as soon as possible. Systems are designed for safety and rarely burst. However, a loud operation can be a sign of blockages or inefficient heating.

6. Discoloured Water

Corrosion within tanks or pipes requires professional repair. You may notice dirty or discoloured water or a metallic taste when drinking; some white haziness is normal in the first few seconds but should clear quickly as water pressure stabilises.

A professional plumber should also inspect external rust on the hot water tank or an unpleasant taste and discolouration when running cold taps.

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