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Certified Gas Fitter Installations & Repairs

Do you need gas appliances installed?  Worried about a potential gas leak in your home? 

At Atkin Plumbing & Gasfitting we offer professional and reliable domestic and commercial gas fitting services. Our experienced gas fitters install any gas appliance you need including stovetops, hot water systems, heaters and BBQs, as well as service, repair and maintain your existing gas fixtures. 

All our gas installations and repairs are done according to Australian standards and compliance certificates are issued upon completion of work.

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Gas Appliance Installation

As your Gladstone gas installation experts, our licenced gas fitters are prepared to help you install any appliance you need.  Our team can install new appliances in the same position as the old ones, or extend your gas piping for a new location.

 Under Queensland Law, gas installations must be completed by a fully licenced and qualified gas fitter, and we provide gas compliance certificates upon completion of our work.

Some of the most common gas appliances we install include:

  • Gas BBQ installations
  • Connections & conversions
  • Gas bayonet fittings
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Fireplace & heater installations
  • Hot water system installation
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Gas Fitting Repairs & Maintenance

As well as installing new gas appliances, our team provides a range of gas fitting repair and maintenance services. If you’ve got faulty gas appliances like gas ovens, stoves and cooktops, or gas hot water systems that aren’t functioning like they used to, don’t hesitate to call in the experts.

Our gas fitters have over a decade of experience fixing and maintaining gas fittings of all makes and models. 

We Provide Gas Leak Services

If you think you’ve got a gas leak, make sure to call us as soon as possible. Gas leaks can be extremely harmful to you and your family’s health and should be dealt with as urgently as possible. If you’re worried your gas is leaking, take a few of these precautionary steps:

  • Turn off all gas appliances in your home including pilot lights and the main gas supply
  • Make sure not to use any electrical equipment or naked flame around the area of the suspected leak 
  • Open as many doors and windows as you can to ventilate the area 
  • Contact a licenced gas fitter immediately 
  • Wait until your gas systems have been checked before switching them back on

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What is a gas compliance certificate?

A gas compliance certificate is issued to the owner or user of the gas appliance to demonstrate that it is compliant with the required safety standards. It not only recognises that your gas system is installed by a licensed gas fitter, but also ensures your gas supply and appliances are safe for use. 

Gas compliance certificates are required when your gas in connected for the first time or reconnected, as well as when installing or replacing existing appliances, and must be issued within 30 days of work being completed. 

What should you consider when hiring a gas fitter?

When hiring a gas fitter, it’s important to consider a range of important factors including:

  • License and certification details
  • Quotes and pricing
  • Workmanship guarantees 
  • Insurance details
  • Local knowledge

At Atkin Plumbing & Gasfitting, our fully qualified and licensed gas fitters have more than 10 years’ experience providing quality gas work throughout the Gladstone region. We are fully insured and offer upfront free quotes as well as full guarantees on our workmanship.

What areas do you provide gas fitting services for?

We operate throughout the Gladstone region and provide professional gas fitting in areas such as Tannum Sands, Banaraby, Caliope and more! For more information, get in touch with our team today.