Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

You know you need a plumber when your toilet isn’t working or your sinks are backing up, but in such cases, you can often wait instead of using Atkin Plumbing’s emergency services.

On the other hand, there are some issues that require getting a plumber to your house right away.

Knowing what they are can prevent further problems and save you money on costly repairs. Here’s when to call plumbers in Gladstone ASAP. 

Running Water

If you can hear water running anywhere in your house, but no one is using a water source, you could have a leak, making it necessary to call a plumber right away.

In some cases, a simple repair to the toilet can solve the problem, but if you see water spots on the ceiling, walls or floors, you could have a bigger leak going on and you could need pipes replaced or patched. 

Slow Drains

If your drains are slow, you could have a block that may wind up causing burst or broken pipes, which can be quite expensive if you don’t take care of it right away.

If you’ve tried a blockage removing product and are still having problems, call a plumber to have a look before the problem gets any worse. 

Low Water Pressure

If you have product build-up in your pipes, it can lead to lower water pressure and is something that is fairly easy to fix.

However, if you have a broken pipe, an eroded waterline, or a leak anywhere in your system, you need to have a plumber look at the problem immediately.

If cleaning the debris from your drains doesn’t help, you need assistance as soon as possible. 

A Strong Sewage Odour

If you smell rotten eggs, chances are you have a broken vent or sewer pipe somewhere underneath your house.

This can cause extensive damage to your home, but also poses health risks if not taken care of as soon as possible.

If you smell gas, you probably have a leak somewhere, which can be very dangerous and needs to be repaired immediately. 

Strange Sounds

If you hear gurgling or other sounds from your plumbing system, you need immediate help.

In many cases, you should turn off the water to the house to prevent it from backing up through your drains and flooding your home. 

When you need plumbers in Gladstone,  Atkins Plumbing is here for you.

Give us a call today for help with any and all of your home plumbing needs. 

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