If you’re in need of a gas fitter, it’s good to have an understanding first of what a gas fitter is and what they do before you contact a professional and trust them with your appliances. Gas fitters are not the same as plumbers, and it’s important to hire only trained and qualified gas fitters to work with gas appliances.

What does a gas fitter do?

A gas fitter can work in any operation which might involve the repair, installation, maintenance, removal or inspection of gas appliances and systems. Gas fitters are not the same as plumbers, and for plumbers to work with gas appliances they must also have extra qualifications and training which qualify them to work with gas. By hiring an unqualified plumber to work with gas, you are endangering yourself, your home, your family, and of course – your plumber.

Gas fitters can take on a range of tasks in both residential properties and commercial buildings. Services you would need a gas fitter for include:

– Installing gas pipes
– Installing, testing and repair gas appliances
– Installing gas detection systems
– Connecting a property to gas lines
– Gas system maintenance
– Interpreting gas installation plans and drawings
– Measuring and marking gas installation points

How to choose a gas fitter

Once you understand what a gas fitter does, it’s time to look at how to choose a good gas fitter. Don’t be afraid to ask your gas fitter questions about their credentials, experience, and training before you employ anyone; gas is a very dangerous substance, and it’s important not to take risks when hiring a fitter.

Qualifications and insurance

Under Queensland law, only qualified gas fitters with full licenses can install gas appliances, which is why it’s so important to ensure your gas fitter is licensed and qualified to repair, install, and maintain gas appliances. It’s also important to check that your gas fitter is insured; not only does this improve their credibility, but it will also cover you both should anything go wrong.


Once you know your gas fitter is licensed, qualified, and insured, the next thing on your list should definitely be to ask how much experience they have working with gas. All trained gas fitters should be able to work safely, but more experienced gas fitters will also be better at diagnosing problems and catching issues early. Experience goes a long way in gas fitting.


When getting a quote, weigh up the cost of the work with the credentials of the gas fitter quoting you. It doesn’t always pay to choose the cheapest quote; if a gas fitter charges just slightly more but has years more experience, then it may be worth it to choose the gas fitter who will do the better job.


Make a note of whether your chosen gas fitter works 24/7; if not, it’s always a good idea to have the contact details of an emergency gas fitter on standby in case something goes wrong overnight or during the weekend.

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